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Anglia Co-operative Society Established for 131 Years
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Co-operative food stores

At Co-operative food stores we aim to meet the needs of the community, offering convenience, quality shopping, guided by our ethics and commitment to responsible retailing.

We are committed to offering quality products that you can trust. Read below to find out more about socially responsible retailing:

We believe in social responsibility and self help, so we want a better deal for growers and producers in developing countries. This is why we stock Fairtrade products in all our stores.

In 2000 we developed our own-label range of Fairtrade products. Today we stock over 130 Co-operative products and over 50 branded Fairtrade products, making our range the largest range of Fairtrade products in any UK supermarket.

Our own brand fish range contains only fish from responsible sources. This includes frozen, chilled, canned and ready meals – in fact, any of our own brand products that composing of fish or seafood. 

We only source our fish from well-managed fisheries. We also actively avoid vulnerable species and never purchase fish where the origin or method of catching is unknown.
We're committed to clear labelling. We believe we provide clearer information than anyone else, going beyond the letter of the law where we feel there is more to tell to ensure our customers know exactly what they’re purchasing.

Christmas Opening times
Animal welfare is very important to us. That’s why we don't test any of our own brand cosmetics on animals.

We were also the first major retailer to support the RSPCA's farm animal welfare standards.

We aim to build a sustainable business by looking at the way we impact upon the environment. This helps us to make changes throughout our business which tackle climate change.

The Co-operative is in favour of recycling, and encourages and helps to facilitate the recycling of packaging used for our own brand products, providing that it saves resources, cuts pollution and is economic.

We aim to reduce own-brand primary packaging by 15% by 2010 based on 2006 levels.

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